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Acquisition finance

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What is acquisition finance?

How does acquisition financing work?

  • Acquisition finance is used to buy a business, which can help an existing company to grow, expand into new products, services or locations, and increase future profits. 

  • We can advise on the best form of finance for an acquisition, and we’ll tell you what is and isn’t possible.

  • We can help find finance for any kind of business acquisition, including retail and commercial, hospitality, professional services and medical, dental or vet practices. 

  • Mergers and acquisitions can be long and complex projects, and having the finance in place is vital for a successful transaction. Some acquisition finance can be structured as cashflow loans, to be repaid out of ongoing business operations; others are structured as asset or invoice finance transactions, backed by receivables or other assets.

  • Every acquisition is unique so Clear Idea works with banks, alternative lenders, venture debt providers and private equity and credit funds to ensure you find the finance you need to ensure success.

  • We will consider and advise on the financing structure, secured vs. unsecured, repayment structure and term.

Business meeting – mergers and acquisitions

Product overview

Finance available from £100,000 – £20,000,000+

Up to 10-year repayment term

Can be structured as cashflow or asset-based

Acquisition financing can be secured or unsecured

Can be used for the hospitality sector: hotels, guesthouses, pubs, etc.

Every acquisition situation is unique and requires expert advice

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Client case studies

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Featured case study: Electrical contractor

Our client, an electrical contractor, was struggling with cash flow after having to purchase a larger industrial unit to facilitate fast growth and create a central hub for sub-contractors and employees to work from. 


The client’s priority was to keep repayments as low as possible while they moved into their new premises, so we found them a £50,000, 5-year unsecured loan at a competitive annual interest rate of 6.9%. 


The client was delighted, and had the funds in their account within 4 days of their initial enquiry. This gave the business enough breathing space to comfortably move into their new premises without affecting any of their upcoming projects.

How can we help your business?

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